I Wonder

July 8, 2019 - Faith development, Science and Faith, Youth Ministry

I Wonder




I’ve always loved the stars. 

And the ocean. And the trees and the birds and anything else that’s natural in our world. I remember being a little girl and always asking my Dad about the night sky – what’s up there, Dad? Where does the sun go at night? Why does the moon follow the car? – so it’s safe to say that I’ve always been drawn to the stars. As I’ve gotten older, Dad and I have bonded over stargazing, watching documentaries and reading books about the universe. One of my favourite memories is setting up the telescope in our backyard and focusing in on Saturn so we could see three of its moons. It was incredible! My hope in writing this is that you gain a greater appreciation of how our Earth and the universe came to be, because when I did it led me to believe in a divine creator… the one that I call God. 

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Like any average teenager living in the twenty-first century, I enjoy watching Netflix. I was recently introduced to this new series by one of my students and it’s called ‘One Strange Rock’, which is hosted by Will Smith. It’s a ten-part series that looks at how Earth is very different to the other planets in our solar system and each episode explores a different aspect of planet Earth – it’s incredible! The first episode (‘Gasp’) talks about a delicate balancing act that involves all different parts of our world and it starts in an East African desert made of salt. It explains how this salt, through the forces of major dust storms, blows all the way to South America where it is the perfect fertiliser for the Amazon rainforest. The plants grow because of this and the water that’s being sucked up from the forest floor, paired with the sun and wind, evaporates into the air and is carried all the way to the Andes mountains where it condenses into raindrops. This rain erodes rock, turning it into sediment, and this sediment eventually gets dumped into the ocean, which turns out to be the perfect food for diatoms, which are tiny organisms that produce a percentage of the Earth’s oxygen supply. When these diatoms eventually die, their carcases cover the ocean floor and over millions of years, as the sea beds rise and the ocean levels fall, the ocean floor becomes a salty desert…the same desert that blows all the way to the Amazon to fertilise the plants. Now tell me that’s not amazing!

This shows just how incredibly interlinked everything is and as I hope you guys can understand, when I first started looking at how interconnected everything was, back in 2015 when I didn’t have a faith, it was a pretty big deal for me. It was my early interest in the universe (that has admittedly turned into an obsession) paired with the findings of the interconnectedness of our Earth which led to me asking myself questions that I had never cared to think about before. It wasn’t until I started looking at the ‘chances’ of us being here that it led me to the only suitable explanation that I came to, in my mind – that there must be a Divine Creator.


The Probability        

When I was in Year 10 (2015), I didn’t have faith in God, but it was in this year that I started asking myself the big questions. I watched a documentary series by Stephen Hawking called ‘Into the Universe: The Story of Everything’ and it absolutely blew my mind. This series explores the splendour and wonders of the cosmos and it shows how everything had to happen exactly the way it did for us to be here and I remember asking myself the question: ‘how can that happen just by chance?’

Knowing that our earth is just the right distance away from the sun for there to be liquid water and that our sun is the right size for it to burn for billions of years to allow life to have evolved the way it has blew my mind already, but delving deeper is really what started to make me think. The fact that our solar system is filled with all the elements needed for life and that the calcium in our bones and the iron in our blood is made from stars that used to exist is incredible! Our hearts beat because of the same energy that created our universe and the very same process that makes the stars shine also creates the elements that we need to live. Even just the fact that everything in our universe has had to be created, atom by atom, absolutely blows my mind. 

After hearing that for the first time, there was no way that I could believe that this has all happened by chance. There must be a Divine Creator. 

Just knowing this and realising that because matter can’t be created nor destroyed it means that there are parts of me that are as old as the universe itself. I have always existed, in a way, and this fact pointed me towards a Divine Creator and showed me His absolute, unconditional love for us and after thinking about this, it didn’t seem like such a far-fetched idea to me anymore. If He can create the stars, planets and galaxies and if He can create the Earth in a way where everything is interconnected, then He must have a plan for my life because He chose to create me just like He chose to create the birds, the trees, the ocean and the stars that I love. He created each and every one of us out of choice. 


The world was created for us… 

I truly believe that. After looking at the Universe and how perfectly it was created and looking at our Earth and seeing how everything is interlinked, I truly do believe that there is a Divine Creator behind all of this… and I call Him God. 


unnamed (4)Author: Georgia Hickling.

After graduating from St Joesph’s Regional in 2017, Georgia went abroad for a gap year working at a School in England. Her desire to be a YMO remained and upon her return to the great land of Aus, she successfully was appointed the MacKillop YMO position in 2019. Georgia loves all things adventure and helping other people become the best version of themselves.