Giving himself to God this Lent

March 31, 2017 - Lent, Student discipleship, Youth Ministry

Giving himself to God this Lent

In 2016 I struggled to keep my faith ignited due to exams, homework and the pressure of the HSC rapidly arising. It was a tough year to get through with the amount of work that was given and the study that needed to be put in so I lost my touch with God as I wasn’t really focused on Him.

The new year came around and it made me look at the person that I was and just to take a step back and start working on becoming a better person. I started my job as the Youth Ministry Officer at St Joseph’s College in Banora Point and this really opened me up and made me realise that I had lost my touch with God.

Our school principal put to the students at the start of the year to “Be The Best Version of Yourself,” and this really stood out to me as I felt as though I hadn’t been that person. Throughout last year I wasn’t focused on myself. I was just focused on doing the school work that was required of me and studying for exams and working constantly. I wasn’t really focused on myself as much as I would’ve like to be.

So my challenge to myself this Lent wasn’t so much giving something up, but giving myself to God and praying everyday whether it be sitting and reflecting on the day that has gone by, being one with God and sitting in front of the blessed sacrament, attending mass or listening to music. I wanted to give myself to God as much as I could.

God Bless,

Cameron O’Toole