April 27, 2018 - Faith development, LEAD, Lent, Student discipleship, Year of Youth, Youth Ministry


By Sidney Ewing (YMO Murwillumbah)

In an ever growing secular world, it was so amazing to see an abundance of young people united under the name of Christ at the LEAD Conference. It has broadened my horizon and helped affirm that this entire ‘faith thing’ is 100% legit. The Conference provided so many opportunities for the aspiring youth of our Diocese to band together, make friends and best of all become inspirational leaders in Christ.

For those of you who joined me this year, I felt fortunate to spend the last few days with you. I just want to extend my thanks and my respect. Thanks for being courageous enough to say ‘yes’ to God and take a leap.

Now that it is all over this time round the knowledge and skills gained can’t be swept under the rug and forgotten about.

These events provide the building blocks to not only grow in faith but they give us the tools to connect with people in an authentic and genuine way. In my own high school days, it was something I would think about a lot, it was the first place I gained understanding of how to lead with Christian values… to be that figure of Christ to others.

In some schools there may be a lot of stigma attached to having a faith and being open about it but sometimes it only takes one person to stand up in faith to trigger a landslide of faith in other people. I personally can put my faith down to three amazing men in my life. Two are teachers at my school and another is a fellow YMO this year. If it weren’t for the lives of Gus Bourne, Ryan Campbell and Mick O’D I would not have a faith today. To see other men stand up for their faith with strength, brought me a sense of awe and wonder that really lit my faith on fire.

“My presence will go with you, and I will give you rest.” Exodus 33:14

These amazing men have provided that presence of God in my life and it has brought me closer to God in leaps and bounds. Now that you have experienced LEAD, or another Proclaim event, I encourage you to be that presence for other people. Stand up and just say “I believe and I’m not ashamed of that.” It may only take one small act to make people take that first step.

It is especially important to remember that you are not alone in this journey! There are other people in the exact same position as you, wherever you sit along the way. I hope that you can find strong people to band with to be that ‘rich soil’ for (Matthew 13:8).

Remember, if you take one step towards God, He will run towards you.