The Resurrection is Reality!!

May 7, 2019 - Easter, Faith development

The Resurrection is Reality!!
By Mariah Allan
YMO, St Paul’s College Kempsey

Do you ever wonder what it would be like to see someone you knew rise from the dead?

Pretty freaky huh!!! This person you once knew; who walked beside you, laughed with you and then died right before your eyes is now standing in front of you three days later!


This was the experience of a woman I greatly admire named Mary Magdalene. Matthew’s Gospel states, concerning the risen Jesus, that Suddenly He met them (the women) and said, “Greetings!” And they came to Him, took hold of His feet, and worshiped Him.” How awesome is that!! Mary Magdalene seeing a man who she witnessed die days before, has the nerve and trust to take hold of Jesus’ feet and praise Him. If this was me, I’d probably scream and run away as fast as possible…which would be pointless because He could just find me again in an instant anyway.

I don’t know about you but I was always a little intrigued and confused by Easter and the Resurrection (or maybe it was just because I was distracted by the chocolate … we’ll never know). But from where I am now, I think what we often overlook, when we read about the reality of the Resurrection is, exactly that… the REALITY of it! I know for me, I often have to watch myself, because we can get into this pattern of merely reading the Bible but not actually registering that these were REAL people, living their life as we do now.

But without Jesus’ Resurrection, our faith is completely meaningless…if He never rose from the dead, we wouldn’t know that there is life beyond the constraints of this world.  Everything we do would just be for now – life itself would be temporary. But because Jesus has overcome death, He gives us the opportunity to be with Him for ALL ETERNITY which means that I can literally live my whole life talking to, receiving and journeying with Him, since He is alive.

I know, this sounds ‘too good to be true’ right??  But it IS true, I’m not lying…there’s more historical evidence that Jesus rose from the dead than there is for your existence today! How crazy is that! But that is how certain it is…our faith isn’t simply based upon blind belief but is based upon evidence and truth.

There were more than five hundred witnesses that saw Jesus risen from the dead. FIVE HUNDRED!! And what’s even more awesome, is that we as Catholics, get to see and receive Jesus alive every time we go to Mass through the Eucharist!! What an extraordinary privilege this is, that the God that made the universe, clouds, daisies, and sloths, wants to live with us! He comes to see US at Mass – it actually BLOWS my mind!!

I personally think that this is the coolest thing about our faith. Jesus turns up. He’s not a distant or oblivious God, but loves me SO much that He would die and RISE in order for me to have the opportunity to be with Him forever and ever!

Our King and our Lord is ALIVE! HAPPY EASTER!!!